Can foreigners or Ghanaians living abroad purchase an apartment at The Madison?

Yes, foreigners and Ghanaians living abroad can purchase an apartment at The Madison, as Ghanaian law permits foreigners to own property in the country. The purchasing process is seamless at Landmark Homes.

Is The Madison a viable investment opportunity?

The Madison is a viable investment opportunity given the growing demand for luxury residential properties in the thriving Ghanaian real estate market. Investors are expected to generate revenue of 8-10% annually of their investment.

What is the estimated completion date for The Madison?

The Madison is expected to be completed and handed over to clients by April 2025. We are committed to ensuring timely completion and will keep our clients informed about project milestones on a quarterly basis.

How can I be sure of the construction quality of The Madison?

The Madison’s construction quality is ensured by partnering with a reputable construction company, Mendanha & Sousa. This partnership guarantees exceptional quality and adherence to industry standards. Thorough attention has been given to the selection of every detail of materials and finishing for The Madison.

How much is the service charge at The Madison?

The exact service charge for The Madison will not be determined until 3 months before completion as prices keep changing but we strive to ensure that our service charges remain competitive while maintaining a high standard of quality and service.

Do the tenants pay anything extra for the use of amenities?

Tenants at The Madison are not required to pay extra for the use of amenities, as these are included in the service charge but the residents will have to pay for services patronized at the Wellness & Spa as well as chauffeur services.

What sets Landmark Homes apart from competitors in the Ghanaian real estate market?

Landmark Homes differentiates itself from competitors by offering spacious units, desirable locations, and state-of-the-art amenities, focusing on providing exceptional living experiences for its discerning clientele.

Are there financing options available for purchasing an apartment in The Madison?

Financing options are available for purchasing an apartment in The Madison, as we have strong partnerships with mortgage providers in Ghana.

Are the amenities at The Madison open to the public?

The amenities at The Madison, such as the rooftop swimming pool, gym, rooftop bar, and conference room, are exclusive to residents and their guests, ensuring privacy and exclusivity within the community.

Will The Madison be managed by a property management company?

Landmark Homes will provide comprehensive property management services, ensuring that The Madison is well-managed and maintained for its residents’ benefit.

What is Landmark Homes’ track record in real estate development?

The Madison is Landmark Homes’ maiden project. However, the team is comprised of experienced real professionals in the real estate industry with over 20 years’ experience, dedicated to establishing Landmark Homes as a premier real estate developer in Ghana.

Do I get car parking space at The Madison?

Each apartment at The Madison comes with allocated car parking space for residents apart from studio apartments who will have shared spaces.

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